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Velamp IF06B flex LED (monochrome) Work light battery-powered 10 lm

Torch with flexible telescopic neck and magnetic lamp head.This text is machine translated.

Velamp IS314 PROled Penlight battery-powered LED (monochrome) 170 mm Black/red

2-in-1 PenlightThe COB 2W 150 Lumen light is a powerful white work light, which is used to illuminate a large area. Instead, the LED torch is equipped with a 1W high-power LED, ideal as a torch for long-distance...

Velamp LED (monochrome) Cordless handheld searchlight 5W Crown 350 lm IR558

Focused central burner and exclusive light crown with diffuse beam.This text is machine translated.

Velamp Light-Pad 20 W 1600 lm IS750-3

The energy-saving LED spotlight with 20 W and 1600 lumen illuminates the construction site with a cold-white light. The portable lamp is suitable for working outdoors, on the construction site, in the...

Velamp Twin-Head 40 W 3200 lm IS747-3

Stand with 2x 20 W LED-headlight. The lightweight and durable aluminum structure facilitates transport.This text is machine translated.